Greenland XVI

Jason Box

11 May - 03 June 2008


:0 - photos - Jason:0 - misc edited images:Umiamiko ASTER.jpg

satellite view of Umiamio Isbrae, site of two of our EIS camera installations


:0 - photos - Jason:0 - misc edited images:Jason:Jason with camera notes sm.jpg

Jason working at one of several time-lapse camera sites. Watch the movie.


:0 - photos - Jason:0 - misc edited images:Umi b.jpg

The Umiamiko B time-lapse camera site.


:0 - photos - Jason:0 - misc edited images:Greenland glacier landscape Umiamiko.jpg

tributary glaciers dumping into Umiamiko glacier


:0 - misc edited images:Kangilrngata 2008 05 14.jpg

Aerial shot of Kangilrngata Sermia camp and time-lapse camera site, 24 May, 2008.

part 1. Installation at Store Gletscher.

:Store Glacier from distance 2008 05 23.jpg

Store Glacier seen from the air at a distance, 24 May, 2008.


The view while flying low over the tortured ice surface of the lower part of Store Gletscher


The pair of Arctic hares


The pair of Arctic hares


:foxes:fox face b.jpg

Éfrequent visits by the curious and tame Arctic foxes.


:Iceberg 2008 05 23.jpg

Iceberg in Disko bay.


:0 - misc edited images:church and earth houses in Uummannaq sm.jpg

church and 140 year-old earthen houses in Uummannaq


:0 - misc edited images:whale oil cookers and dogs in Uummannaq sm.jpg

relic whale oil cookers in Uummanaq


:0 - misc edited images:Yushin and Jason at Ann's sm.jpg

Yushin Ahn and Jason Box visiting the Greenland art-packed home of Ann and Ole Jurgen Hammeken


:2008 05 24 Children's Home:Uummannaq Polar Institute UPI 2008 05 25 sm.jpg

Uummannaq polar institute.


:2008 05 24 Children's Home:Fisherman and Ole Jurgen inspecting map of Uummannaq district sm.jpg

Local fisherman and Ole-Jurgen discussing water depth on Uummanaq district map.

 Part 2. Mission to service cameras north of Uummannaq.

Ole-Jurgen and Jason rejoice that the Rink Isbrae camera had worked continuously 348 days.


Rink Isbrae calving front photographed 24 February 2008 by EIS automatic camera.


:0 - misc edited images:Yushin:Yushin Surveyer 2008 05 26.jpg

Yushin obtained additional control points, distinct features in the photographs, by surving with a theodolite.


:0 - photos - Jason:0 - misc edited images:Bertrand Ole-Jurgen and Yushin in Helicopter.jpg

from right to left, Yushin Ahn, Ole-Jurgen Hammeken, and Bertrand Lozay on flight in Uummannaq district.
Bertrand shot footage mixed into a segment in the next day's national news.


Part 3. Iceberg calving video

 The two below captured using 9 cameras (4 video, 5 still) the largest iceberg calving (8 sq km area in 90 miniutes) ever filmed.

:0 - photos - Jason:0 - misc edited images:Adam and Jeff 2008 05 23.jpg

Iceberg calving filmers Adam Lewinter and Jeff orlowski.

Basal ice visible during a large calving event from the Ilulissat glacier.