IGS Symposium 2010 on Earth's Disappearing Ice — Program

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Sunday August 15
4:30 - 6:00 PM Annals of Glaciology Editors Meeting
Room 204 William Oxley Thompson Library
West end of the Main Oval
1858 Neil Ave Mall (View local map)
6:00 - 9:00 PM Ice Breaker
11th floor of the William Oxley Thompson Library
West end of the Main Oval
1858 Neil Ave Mall (View local map)
Monday August 16
08:00 Registration
Outside of Great Hall Meeting Room 1 (View floor map)
The Ohio Union
1739 N High St (View local map)
08:30 Welcome
US Bank Conference Theater (View floor map)
The Ohio Union
Magnús Már Magnússon, Secretary General, IGS; Ellen Mosley-Thompson, Byrd Polar Research Center, OSU; Jan Weisenberger, Senior Associate Vice President, Office of Research, OSU.
Oral Session 1: Ice streams and outlet glacier dynamics (1)
Morning Chair: Ellen Mosley-Thompson
09:00 Christopher A. Shuman — 59A033 "Multi-sensor assessment of Larsen B tributary glacier elevations 2001-2009, Antarctica"
09:20 Ted A. Scambos — 59A080 "The triggering of sub-glacial lake drainage during rapid glacier drawdown: Crane Glacier, Antarctica"
09:40 Maya Bhatia — 59A056 "Seasonal evolution of water source contributions to the subglacial outflow from a land-terminating Greenland ice sheet outlet glacier: Insight from a new isotope mixing model"
10:00 Derrick Lampkin — 59A098 "Estimation of regional surface melt volume drainage due to surface flow through supra-glacial streams in the Jakobshavn drainage basin in Western Greenland"
10:20 Break; refreshments provided
Oral Session 2: Ice streams and outlet glacier dynamics (2)
10:50 Ellyn M. McFadden — 59A005 "West Greenland outlet glacier sensitivity (2000-2009)"
11:10 Kaitlin Walsh — 59A006 "Changes in the marine-terminating glaciers of the Geikie Plateau, East Greenland, 2000-2009"
11:30 Greg Babonis — 59A092 "High resolution, long term reconstruction of surface evolution in northwestern Greenland for investigating dynamic glacier behavior"
11:50 Lunch
Oral Session 3: Ice streams and outlet glacier dynamics (3)
Afternoon Chair: Leigh Stearns
14:00 Beata Csatho — 59A108 "Investigation of elevation changes of rapidly changing Greenland outlet glaciers"
14:20 J. Paul Winberry — 59A095 "Field observations of Subglacial Processes: From the meter scales to hundred kilometer scale"
14:40 Julie Markus — 59A007 "Surface motion and strain field of a soft-bedded glacier in Southeast Iceland"
15:00 Gael Durand — 59A042 "Requested bedrock accuracy to model Antarctic ice dynamics"
15:20 Break; refreshments provided
Oral Session 4: Ice streams and outlet glacier dynamics (4)
15:50 Martina Schäfer — 59A020 "Present-day simulations of Vestfonna ice-cap (Svalbard) with Shallow-Ice and Full-Stokes models"
16:10 Douglas Brinkerhoff — 59A065 "Sensitivity of the frozen-melted basal boundary to perturbations of basal traction: Isunnguata Sermia, Western Greenland"
16:30 Adjourn
17:15 - 20:00 Open House at Byrd Polar Research Center (BPRC)
Scott Hall, West Campus (View local map)
See useful information page for details
Tuesday August 17
Oral Session 5: Records of past glacier changes (1)
Morning Chair: Doug MacAyeal
09:00 Youqing Wang — 59A101 "Abrupt climate change recorded in the Malan ice core on the Tibetan Plateau and its response to the ENSO and Pacific Decadal Oscillation"
09:20 Rameshwar Bali — 59A112 "Chronology of Late Quaternary glaciation and Landform evolution in the Pindar valley, Kumaun Himalaya"
09:40 Jeffrey VanLooy — 59A015 "Use of historical elevation data to calculate surface elevation and volume changes of Ha-Iltzuk Icefield in Southwest British Columbia, 1970 - mid-1980s"
10:00 Frank Paul — 59A053 "Results from the new glacier inventory for the Jostedalsbreen region, Norway, derived from Landsat TM scenes of 2006"
10:20 Break; refreshments provided
Oral Session 6: Alpine glaciers (at all latitudes) (1)
10:50 Paolo Gabrielli — 59A034 "Untapped climate ice archives at risk due to global warming: the case of Mt. Ortles, Eastern European Alps"
11:10 Lonnie G. Thompson — 59A035 "Tropical glaciers, recorders and indicators of climate change, are disappearing globally"
11:30 Jeffrey S. Kargel — 59A039 "The landslide blessing and curse for glaciers: obliviousness to climate warming, and sudden disarticulation"
Oral Session 7: Records of past glacier changes (2)
11:50 Harunur Rashid — 59A083 "The role of Hudson Strait outlet in Younger Dryas sedimentation in the Labrador Sea"
12:10 Lunch
Oral Session 8: Alpine glaciers (at all latitudes) (2)
Afternoon Chair: Ellen Mosley-Thompson
14:00 Raymond Le Bris — 59A046 "A new glacier inventory for Western Alaska"
14:20 Kyung In Huh — 59A089 "Assessing the volume and hypsometric changes of the Queshque glaciers in the Tropical Peruvian Andes"
14:40 Bryan G. Mark — 59A067 "Glacier recession and human vulnerability in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru"
15:00 John Moore — "Efficacy of geoengineering to limit 21st century sea-level rise"
15:20 Break; refreshments provided
15:50 Poster Session
18:00 Adjourn
Wednesday August 18
Oral Session 9: Alpine glaciers (at all latitudes) (3)
Morning Chair: Kees van der Veen
09:00 J. Graham Cogley — 59A085 "Present and future states of Himalaya and Karakoram glaciers"
09:20 Umesh K. Haritashya — 59A044 "Comparing glacier dynamics and glacier fluctuation in the eastern and central Himalaya"
09:40 Bibi S Naz — 59A068 "Influence of recent glacier changes in the Karakoram Himalaya region on the streamflow variability of the Upper Indus River"
10:00 Rianne H. Giesen — 59A021 "Response of the ice cap Hardangerjøkulen in southern Norway to the 20th and 21st century climates"
10:20 Louis C Sass — 59A109 "Dynamic controls on Eklutna Glacier mass loss"
10:40 Break; refreshments provided; Remove posters
12:00 Mid-Week Excursion
Black-and-white Field Guide provided; Color Field Guide available for download (PDF, 26.5 MB)
Depart promptly from the Ohio Union for the mid-week excursion.
Lunch will be provided at Stop 1 (Stop B in the Field Guide) at approximately 1:00 PM.
Thursday August 19
Oral Session 10: Glacier and ice-sheet mass balance (1)
Morning Chair: Lonnie Thompson
09:00 Veijo Pohjola — 59A013 "Mass change of Vestfonna, Svalbard Archipelago"
09:20 Jakob Abermann — 59A051 "Modelling annual mass balances of all Austrian glaciers since 1969"
09:40 Wei Yang — 59A055 "Energy balance estimation and ablation modeling during the summer season at Parlang No.4 Glacier in the southeast Tibetan Plateau" (presented by Tandong Yao)
10:00 Tandong Yao — 59A100 "Glacial retreat and its impact on hydrological processes on the Third Pole"
10:20 Break; refreshments provided
Oral Session 11: Glacier and ice-sheet mass balance (2)
10:50 John Moore — 59A019 "The historical global sea level budget"
11:10 C.K. Shum — 59A082 "Contributions of cryosphere to present-day sea-level rise"
11:30 Jun Li — 59A076 "Partitioning of ice sheet elevation and mass changes into accumulation-driven and ablation/dynamic-driven components"
11:50 H. Jay Zwally — 59A079 "Antarctic Ice Sheet mass balance: distribution of rates of mass change for 2003-2008 versus 1992-2002"
12:10 Lunch
Oral Session 12: Glacier and ice-sheet mass balance (3)
Afternoon Chair: Ian Howat
14:00 Leigh A. Stearns — 59A102 "Flow dynamics and mass balance estimates of four large East Antarctic outlet glaciers"
14:20 Jason Box — Recent Break-up of the Petermann Glacier
14:40 Joel Harper — 59A071 "Field measurement of melt water retention on the Greenland Ice Sheet"
15:00 L. MacLagan Cathles — 59A097 "Modeling the evolution of surface ablation features"
15:20 Break; refreshments provided
Oral Session 13: Glacier and ice-sheet mass balance (4)
15:50 Regine Hock — 59A064 "Parameterizing Greenland's surface mass balance in the Parallel Ice Sheet Model (PISM)"
16:10 Weili Wang — 59A075 "Dynamic inland propagation of ice-thickness- perturbations at ice sheet margins"
16:30 David Decker — 59A028 "Greenland marine terminating glacier front area changes 2000-2009"
16:50 Adjourn
18:00 Reception & Symposium Banquet
OSU Faculty Club (View local map)
Friday August 20
Oral Session 14: Tidewater glacier dynamics, iceberg calving and sedimentation dynamics
Morning Chair: Paolo Gabrielli
09:40 Jason Box — 59A030 "Greenland's disappearing ice: drivers, responses, and impacts"
10:00 Cornelis van der Veen — 59A106 "A calving law for ice sheet models: Investigating the role of surface and basal melt on the dynamics of Greenland outlet glaciers"
10:20 Martin EW O'Leary — 59A061 "Modelling melt plumes and calving in East Greenland"
10:40 Ross D. Powell — 59A099 "Debris and sediment flux to grounding zones and glacial stability"
Oral Session 15: Sea ice extent and thickness changes in the Arctic and Antarctic
11:10 Dorian S. Abbot — 59A009 "Bifurcations and their implications in a low-order model of Arctic sea ice"
11:30 Lunch
Oral Session 16: Ice shelf dynamics (1)
Afternoon Chair: Bryan Mark
13:20 Douglas R. MacAyeal — 59A038 "The glaciological mosh pit"
13:40 Justin Burton — 59A036 "A laboratory-scale iceberg-filled water tank: Toward an experimental approach to understanding the physics of abrupt ice-shelf collapse"
14:00 Nicholas Guttenburg — 59A037 "Numerical model of ice melange expansion during abrupt ice-shelf collapse"
14:20 Break; refreshments provided
Oral Session 17: Ice shelf dynamics (2)
14:50 Kelly M. Brunt — 59A073 "Analysis of ice plains of Filchner/Ronne Ice Shelf using ICESat data"
15:10 Yushin Ahn — 59A066 "Ice Sheets Velocities from MODIS data in Arctic/Antarctic regions"
15:30 Olivier Gagliardini — 59A043 "Enhancement factors for grounded ice and ice-shelves inferred from an anisotropic ice flow model"
15:50 Closing Remarks
Magnús Már Magnússon, Secretary General, IGS; Ellen Mosley-Thompson, Byrd Polar Research Center, OSU.
16:10 Adjourn
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