IGS Symposium 2010 on Earth's Disappearing Ice — Poster Session

List of Posters

Display No. Abstract No. Presenting author Title
159A054Frank PaulA new glacier inventory for the entire European Alps from Landsat TM scenes of 2003: Challenges and changes
259A029Kimberly A. CaseyAlpine Glaciers in the Himalayas, New Zealand and Norway: Investigation of Inorganic Trace Element Abundances
359A012Daniel N. LeavellClimate Change and Water Supply in Perú: Can the demands of the future be met by the plans of today?
459A050Jakob AbermannClimatic controls of glacier distribution and glacier changes in Austria
559A032Holger Frey
(Presented by Frank Paul)
Compilation of a glacier inventory for the western Himalayas from satellite data: Challenges and results
659A010J. GardelleDistribution and evolution of glacial lakes along the Hindu Kush Himalaya mountain range between 1990 and 2009
759A077Jeff La FrenierreLinking glacier change and water resource vulnerabilities in the tropical Andes: preliminary results from Chimborazo, Ecuador
859A045Feng LingNumerical investigation of thermal regime of ground under and around two lakes on the Alaskan Arctic Costal Plain
959A059Nadine Salzmann
(Presented by Bryan Mark)
Observed Glacier Changes and Related Climate Trends in the Cusco Region, Southern Peruvian Andes
1059A104Miriam JacksonResponse of Norwegian glaciers to North Atlantic climate variability
1159A072Andrew KleinSpatial Analyses of Glacier Recession in the Cordilleras Apolobamba and Quimza Cruz in the Latter 20th Century
1259A084B. H. RaupThe GLIMS Glacier Database: Status and Analysis
1359A041Antoine Petrelli
(Presented by Gael Durand)
A new method to infer sub ice-shelf melting/refreezing.
1459A093Russell BensonAn algorithm for detecting Greenland snowline changes using MODIS
1559A022Rianne H. GiesenApplication of a simple surface mass balance model to glaciers in different climates
1659A058Anne Munck SolgaardAssessing temperature and precipitation patterns from the EC-EARTH GCM over Greenland
1759A004Patrick J. ApplegateComparing the sensitivities of low-order ice sheet models to changes in model parameters
1859A026Christine S. HvidbergFlow and rate of ice thickness change at the NEEM drill site, North Greenland
1959A069Joel Brown
(Presented by Joel Harper)
High resolution 3D georadar grids compared to ice cores within the percolation zone of the Greenland ice sheet
2059A103Marie PorterImpacts of temperature fluctuations in the Norwegian Sea on glacier mass balance in southern Norway
2159A049Ruth Mottram
(Presented by Dirk van As)
Characterising the Surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet in a High Resolution Regional Climate Model (HIRHAM5)
2259A027Jason BoxHumboldt Glacier, Greenland sub-marine melt rates derived from CTD/current casts
2359A023Oliver GagliardiniInvestigating basal conditions of a surge type glacier solving an inverse problem
2459A096Nathan AmadorInvestigating the impact of crevasse melt water drainage on ice mass flux along the margins of Jakobshavn Isbrae
2559A008William SneedLight Field and Optical Properties Measurements of a Supraglacial Melt Pond, Eastern Greenland
2659A088Nathan D. StansellAbrupt Bølling-Allerød warming and Younger Dryas cooling recorded in lake sediments from the northern tropical Venezuelan Andes
2759A087Yushin AhnRecent ice volume changes of the Kilimanjaro Ice Cap and Qori Kalis glacier (Southern Peru) using automatic DEM extraction
2859A052Jeremy N. BassisA statistical approach to iceberg calving: The role of disorder and the demise of deterministic predictability
2959A086Kristin SchildUnderstanding Environmental Controls on Calving Events in Greenland