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February 2006 Airborne Experiment Meeting WFF

Vu-graph package

Meeting summary

2006 Documents and Packages

2007 Documents and Packages

GISMO Team Meeting JPL, January 31, 2007

1100  PARCA Presentation (Rodriguez)
Progress to date
1300 Status and Summary of Mid Year Review, Budget Issues - Jezek
Planning for April 07 Experiment
1320 Science and Engineering Objectives for April 2007 (Jezek)
1330 Radar and antenna status (Gogineni)
1400 Vexcel Data processing Status, Interface and Readiness (Refraction, Motion Compensation, Calibration)  (Wu)
1430 JPL Data processing status, Interface and Readiness (Refraction, Motion Compensation, Calibration) (Rodriguez)
1500 Navigation (Sonntag)
1515 Arctic 07 Planning Status and key milestones (Krabill)
1530 Proposed Flight Lines
1, 2, 3 (Fahnestock and Sonntag) and Discussion
1600 April 07 Experiment Plan and Discussion (Jezek) (see May 06 vu-graphs for sample experiment plan form)
1730 Adjourn

February 1

0830 Tomography Algorithm Status (Wu) (covered above)
0900 InSAR algorithm status (Rodriguez)
0930  Update on Multiaperture beam processing (Gogineni) (covered above)
1000  Plans for reducing May 2006 data to topography (Wu, Rodriguez, Forster)
1030 Break
1045 Plans for investigating ionospheric effects and corrections (Freeman)
11:15  Data management issues, schedule for delivery of April 07 data, action Items (Jezek)
1200  Adjourn