Education Outreach: External Related Links

The following are links to information about polar topics for educators.

Ohio Watershed Network

Ohio Watershed Network provides information to community members and natural resources professionals who want to protect the resources in their watershed.

The World Ocean Observatory

The World Ocean Observatory is dedicated to information, education and public discourse about the ocean defined as an integrated global social system. We believe that informed citizens worldwide can unite to sustain the ocean through mitigation and change of human behavior on land and sea.


Teachers and Researchers Exploring and Collaborating

Polar Discovery: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Earth information from the Nature Conservancy

If you're spell-bound by the imagery of the Planet Earth series , visit the Nature Conservancy's site to learn more. It includes quizzes, videos, and additional information about the breathtaking places and species featured on the Planet Earth series.

Frank Niepold, NOAA Education and Outreach Specialist, offers the following information that may be useful for teachers:

Check out a multimedia presentation about Antarctica at the Washington Post.

University of Alaska Fairbanks Permafrost Outreach Programs

School students list of Top 50 ideas for combating "global warming"

Annual Star-Hunting Party: GLOBE at Night!

Join thousands of other students, families and citizen-scientists around the globe hunting for stars. Participation does not require any special training or instruction. The GLOBE at Night Web site provides all the information needed to participate, including instruction guides for teachers, students, and parents. There is no cost to participate in GLOBE at Night. Color postcards and one-page flyers are also available on the Web site.

Girls on Ice

Do you know a girl, who is between the ages of 15 and 18 years old, who would be interested in an 11-day experience studying a glacier on Mt. Baker in the Cascade Mountains of Washington? If so, check out this opportunity and encourage her to apply!

U.S. Department of Education FREE Website for Teachers

It provides rich, expansive resources to teachers and students alike. There are over 1500 resources to take advantage of at FREE, ranging from primary historical documents, lesson plans, science visualizations, math simulations and online challenges, paintings, photos, mapping tools, and more. This easily accessible information is provided by federal organizations and agencies such as the Library of Congress, National Archives, NEH, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian, NSF, and NASA.

CReSIS (Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets) Educational Content Look here for information and a selection of K-12 activities related to global climate change, mapping and modeling, robotics, and ice sheets and glaciers.

Water Quality (Healthy Water, Healthy People)...Worldwide Water Education

"Worldwind", a NASA website based on satellite data, can show many locations on Earth. In addition to stationary images, it allows the user to cycle through changes that occur over longer periods of time, such as changes in Antarctic sea ice extent, sea surface temperatures, glacial retreat, etc.

GoNorth! Adventure learning curriculum and lessons for K-12 classrooms.