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Resources from the Byrd Polar Research Center

  • Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears — An online magazine for elementary educators
  • Ice Cores: Unlocking Past Climates — WOSU Public Media developed a set of learning modules with associated videos and curricular resources designed to explain how ice cores allow scientists to study past climate.
  • BPRC Climate Model Simulation — A simulation developed to illustrate how climate models are constructed and used.
  • Sources for Global Climate Change Information (March 17, 2011) — This is a list maintained by the current director of Byrd Polar Research Center, Ellen Mosley-Thompson. The purpose of this document is to provide sources for current, reliable information on climate change. Many of the links are clickable within the PDF.
  • Byrd Polar Research Center Archival Program — The goal of the BPRCAP is to make rare or unique historical material about polar exploration and scientific investigation available for use in the context of an active polar research environment. Historical collections contain papers, records, photographs and other forms of documentation concerning explorers, scientists and other figures and organizations prominent in the advancement of knowledge about polar environments.

Understanding Global Climate Change DVD

    Lessons and Activities

  • Cold Cases: Lessons in Historical Skills and Methods — How can you use primary sources to figure out what happened in the past? Material and lesson plans based on the early exploration of the polar regions.
  • Flubber Activity: Grades 2-3 | Grades 3-5 — This is a hands-on activity that simulates glacial flow for students. The students use a glacier-modeling compound, "FLUBBER", (which is made from glue, water, and Borax) to predict and observe the flow of ice. The students and teacher discuss how scientists determine the rate and direction of flow of glaciers.
  • Best Place Activity — Mathematics and Science Lesson: Grades 5-12 (with modifications). The purpose is to enhance analytical skills and to apply historic data to everyday decisions using local climatological data summaries from the National Weather Service.
  • Antarctica Activities — These activities are courtesy of the US Polar Rock Repository.