Upernavik Icestreams A and C retreat

See first this annotated image illustrating the Greenland region containing the Upernavik glaciers.

Terra/MODIS image of Upernavik region and its existing five glaciers (a, b, c, d, e). 30 August 2008. Image arranged by Russ Benson.

Five glaciers empty into the Upernavik archipelago, that, until the 1930s, could be considered a single glacier, but now, having disintegrated is five ice streams emptying into the sea. Up until the 1980s, A and B were joined at the front.  Below, we track the area changes for all five ice streams collectively using end of summer imagery from the years 2000-2010…

Timeseries arranged by David Decker.

Below, the area changes for each of Upernavik’s five glacier outlets are shown. Most of the action is at outlets A and more recently a sustained loss from Upernavik C between 2008 and 2009.

The cumulative area changes from each of the Upernavik outlets is illustrated.  Upernavik A and C has lost an area of approximately 24.3 and 35.7 sq. km, respectively.  The whole Upernavik glacier system has lost a net area of approximately 55.1 sq. km, net, considering all years since end of summer 2000.

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