Anticipated Data Sets

Continuous records with annual resolution as far back as possible:

  • Stable isotopic ratios (18O and D): temperature
  • Insoluble dust flux (dustiness)
  • Major anions, cations, MSA (volcanic history, marine contribution, sea ice variability / atmospheric transport strength & biological activity)
  • Net mass accumulation
  • If melt features are present: extent and frequency of melt

Discrete samples for targeted sections of the core:

  • Trace and ultra trace elements
    • Source indicators (rocks & soil dust): Al, V, Mn, Sr, Rb, U, & Rare Earth
  • Elements
    • Volcanoes: Pb, Bi, Cd
    • Oceanic biomass: Hg
    • Extraterrestrial matter: Ir, Pt
  • Collaborations with others: trapped gases; other isotopes (N, S)

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