Updates and photos from the field for Monday January 11

From Ellen Mosley-Thompson: “We are doing well here. Thursday, we sent 21 more ice core boxes to Rothera for storage in the freezers. We have now drilled slightly more than 50% of the ice that we expected to drill.  We are changing to the thermal drill today.  It should take us roughly 12 days of drilling to reach bedrock if things go well.  Of course there are always challenges and surprises – plans are only made with the realization that they are likely to change. We are very optimistic that we will recover the Em drill that is [stuck] at about 140 meters in the Core A hole.  We do not plan to attempt to extract it until all the other projects are completed.

To date, we have sent 54 boxes of ice cores back to Rothera for storage in a freezer until the Nathaniel B Palmer (the NSF ice breaker) comes to pick them up and transport them to Port Hueneme, California. From there, the ice will be shipped in a freezer truck to The Ohio State University.”

Some more photos from the field camp are listed below (click to enlarge and view a description).

Photo credits: The aerial shots of the field camp are by Mike Clark (BAS).

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2 Responses to “Updates and photos from the field for Monday January 11”

  1. Jason Box says:

    It’s really exciting to see you’re there in Antarctica!! The aerial shot of the camp with mountains in background is great.

  2. Jason Box says:

    nice job Wes on the web site!