Ice Core Paleoclimatology

Available Data

All Quelccaya data (1976-1979; 1983; 2003)

Huascarán - Oxygen Isotope, nitrate, Layer Thickness, and Particle Data

Sajama isotope, major anion and dust data

Dunde δ18O decadal averages Cores 1 and 3

Dunde Ice Core 1500 Year δ18O, Dust, Anion, and Accumulation Data

Guliya Ice Core 132 KYr Isotope, Dust, Anion, and Accumulation Data (depth averages, decadal avgs for last 2 ky; 400 yr averages to 132 ky)

Dasuopu Ice Core 1000 Year δ18O, Dust, Anion and Accumulation Data

Puruogangri Ice Cap 7000 Year Isotope and Geochemical Data

Kilimanjaro - Oxygen Isotope, Ion, and Dust Data

Greenland Ice Core Data:

Data from Papua Indonesia:

Data from Bruce Plateau, Antarctic Peninsula